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Nursery - 5th Grade

At Oasis Church, we seek for your kids to enjoy church and seek to make it fun and creative so they can enjoy every moment learning about Jesus. 

Oasis Kidz meets each Sunday at both the 9:30 & 11am services.



Partner With Parents

We believe that by intentionally establishing a partnership with parents, we can make the greatest impact on the spiritual life of every child in our ministry. Our weekly Orange curriculum connects parents and church leaders with the same strategy to best reach kids of all ages and phases.

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Beyond Sunday

The FREE Parent CUE app is here to remind you why what you do is so important and to help you focus on what matters most. Not all at once. Just little by little. Week by week. We want to cue you so you can make the most of the weeks you have with your kids. 


6th - 12th grade

The main event for your Middle & High School youth is called "H2o" and meets on Wednesdays at 6:45pm in the youth building. Follow us on Instagram (h2o_youth) or join the Facebook group to stay connected & up to date.